Sunday, August 19, 2018

Birds on the Coast

Australian Pelican Landing on the Passage
Royal Spoonbill
australian birds
Pied Stilt
small bird
Royal Spoonbill and White Faced Heron
Sacred Kingfisher
Azure Kingfisher 
australian birds
Red Capped Plovers
birdlife australia
Galah and Pine Tree
birdlife australia
Pied Stilt on Reflection
pied stilt
Galah on the Sand
birds australia

sea hawk
Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike also known as the Shufflewing
Crested Pigeon
Australian Wood Duck
australian birds
Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike
black faced shrike

Tern Bathing in the Sea
seabirds australia
birdlife australia
 Great Egret
sea birds

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sunrise at Lake Currimundi

In Flight Across the Lake at Sunrise
I was taking photos of the rising sun in the centre of the lake but was unable to see the cargo ships from that position so moved up as the sun got a little higher and captured them with the sun slightly behind the sand banks.
Dawn with bird
 Bird at Sunrise
A bird flies high in the sky as the sun rises above the sand bank.
Bird at Dawn
Sun Rising at Lake Currimundi
The Sun rising over the ocean and reflecting on to Lake Currimundi. It was a spectacular opening to a warm winters day.
 Just Before the Sun Rose on the Horizon
This is a few moments before Mr Sun rose to greet me and a few birds in the lake and a spectator on the beach.
Watching Sunrise
Cormorant at Dawn over Lake Currimundi 
Cargo ships out to sea as a cormorant flies across the lake. This is a couple of minutes after the sun rose on a warm Friday morning
Bird and Sunrise
 The Rising Sun
The sun is just slightly off the centre of the horizon which actually looks better than the middle.It was such an awesome sunrise this morning.
White Faced Heron at Lift Off
White Faced Heron was all over the lake this morning . He is about to fly to the right bank of the lake.
 After the Sunrise
This is about 20 minutes after the sunrise and the sky took on the golden look. The sun was strong so for a bit of protection behind a tree.
sunrise photo
Surfing Off Dicky Beach with Smoke over the Point
I walked out onto the beach side of the lake to see if there were photo opportunities. There was a fire on Moffat Hill and there was some young people out surfing . The waves were small but they still managed to catch a few.
Fire on the Point
The bird was flying directly above the smoke which later today found out was caused by some thieves who had set fire to a stolen car at Shelley Beach just over the hill.
ocean waves
 Heron and Cormorants Taking a Dip Behind Sand Dune
I saw these cormorants and a Heron having some fun and searching for food in a pond just under the sand dune about 30 minutes after sunrise .
Total Reflection on The Lake
I spotted the Heron in the main part of the lake searching for food and was blessed with a almost perfect reflection on the lake surface.
heron on lake
 Flying Through the Mist on the Lake
I took this photo on pure speculation as i was enthralled by the mist floating across the lake.
misty bird on  lake
Currimundi Creek on Reflection
I walked across to the creek over on the far northern side of the lake in hope of getting some birds playing in the waters but wasnt lucky enough there. I was still taken by the lovely colour tones on the bank of the creek.
creek bank
Heron on Currimundi Creek
He was a kind Heron this guy . He made a couple of crossings of the creek which gave me time to prepare to capture him in flight.
australian bird life
Heron Reflecting
Searching for Breakfast
Searching for that little herring or mullet to fill his belly for the beginning of another day.
Looking in the Mirror
bird life
Time to Reflect
bird life
The Fishing on Fire
moffat beach
Leaving in a Hurry
australia birds

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Flora and Friends Shots

Grasshopper and Flower
Rainy Days and Flowers
Bees and Lilly
Bee and Daisy
Cabbage White Butterfly
Ladybug and Flower
Reflecting Lily
                                                                           Pair of Flowers

Dragonfly and Lily
Flowers in the Rain